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Do you need to send a lot of large files?

Files can be sent as email attachments if they are not too large.
PC users might use free 7 Zip to package files and reduce file size; Mac users can use free YemuZip app.
Files can also be accepted on a CD or DVD via postal service. I can scan your original documents, business card, newspaper articles etc., photographic prints, slides at an additional charge.

How to send files to Nur?

How to supply this information and in what format? 
You can send all your material in a CD/DVD by post. If you are in Portland then you can bring it with you in a CD, DVD, USB flash drive, external drive. You may prefer sending as an email, but if it is larger than 10MB, it will not arrive to me. So you should zip all the files and ftp me if you can. You may upload online to a free file sharing service so I can download them. If you like to read more detail about this subject please read on my blog:

Fonts: I use MAC format fonts. If I do not have your specific font you should privide me your font name or choose a Google Web Font. (and you can send it by .ttf file as email).

Photos: I will enhance and reduce the size of your photos to look their best on the Web, however, extensive photo-retouching may incur an additional charge.

File Formats: The most common file formats:

Photoshop (.psd) If the file contains Mac fonts or IBM PC format fonts and MAC OS fonts.
If you want a specific font in your print documentor on the web, please supply the necessary font or tell your designer to rasterize the text layers. 

.jpg For web design purpose only image at least should be minimum width: 500px and height: 400px .
The photo must be larger than intended use on page.
For instance, if the image is to appear at 300 pixel width on the Web page, the image I received must be at least 300 pixels wide when saved at 72 dpi.
Generally, the higher dots per inch (dpi) you can send, the better the results for printing.

.gif Gif images can be use for web design or printing.

tiff These files are generally are too large to send in an email
however be aware that most pop email accounts do not allow sending or receivibg larger than 10MB file as an attachment.

pdf These files can be too large for email.
For printing documents files should be 300 dpi, not anti-aliased. 

.txt Plain text (.txt) files are preferred for web site information.

.doc or .rtf Microsoft Word .doc Documents prepared in Microsoft Word are preferred without formatting. A printed version of your text can be very helpful also.  

mp3 or wav Music files can be send as email or ftp. As long as no violation of copyright it can be use on the website.

.mpeg or wma Video files can be send as email or ftp. As long as no violation of copyright it can be use on website.